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Product Description

The Vitamin B5 stock solution made in France contains the strongest moisturizing ingredient "Vitamin B5 + Hyaluronic Acid", which can quickly fill your dry skin with moisture and lock it instantly.


Vitamin B5:

Similar to the sebum membrane of the skin, it is a natural moisturizer for the human body. It is easy to absorb, penetrate and infiltrate the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin, and can penetrate into the epidermis. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin. It is also the best moisturizing care after laser or color light treatment.

. Help skin repair tissues and supplement nutrition, maintain skin's natural barrier health

. It has anti-inflammatory effect, it can relieve symptoms and reduce redness and sensitivity to irritated skin

. Increase the moisture content of the skin, fill dry lines, increase elasticity, and create comfortable, moisturized and soft skin


Hyaluronic acid:

It is one of the components of the human dermis and has the ability to retain moisture.

. Quickly hydrate and moisturize, improve collagen vitality, and improve dry and aging skin

. Maintain collagen, promote skin vitality and health, accelerate skin renewal and metabolism, and delay skin aging

. Promote skin repair and regeneration, promote skin regeneration in injured areas, prevent and repair skin damage


Fast replenishment. Moisturizing

  • Replenish moisture for basal cells, expand the skin's reservoir, and enhance the skin's ability to resist irritation



Use in the morning and evening. Take an appropriate amount and apply it evenly on the face and neck, and gently massage in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed. The effect is better when used with an ultrasonic machine.


Professional dermatologists and their teams, including biologists and scientists, have designed a series of medical beautifying technology skin care products for specific skin needs, without artificial colors, fragrances, and additives. Made in France, a professional brand for beauty salons.


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Hyaluronic Acid B5 Serum

  • Ingredients:

    Water, hyaluronic acid

  • capacity:

    Net 30ml / 1.06 fl.oz

  • Origin:


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