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Product Description

The gilt repair and sublimation eye cream will bring you the ultimate dream eye skin care experience. It contains the patented medical beauty ingredient Aquailten TM , which can instantly moisturize the dry eye skin and continue to tighten. Carefully select the precious and pure caviar essence And hydrolyzed rice protein ingredients, deeply moisturize and improve the signs of aging in the delicate eye area, strongly enhance firmness and skin elasticity, effectively instantly repel and prevent eye wrinkles, dark circles and eye swelling, and wake up the muscles. The translucent beauty of the deep sleep illuminates the bright, clean and radiant young eyes.



Apply a small amount to the eye area in the morning and evening, and gently massage with fingertips until fully absorbed.



Gilt repair sublimation eye cream

  • Ingredients:

    水、Aquailten™️、水解大米蛋白,魚子精華、氨基酸、天龍膽根萃取、金盞花提取物、銀杏精華、膠原蛋白、玻尿酸, 甘露醇萃取、甘油、木糖醇萃取,檸檬酸, PEG-8


  • capacity:

    Net 10ml 

  • Origin:


  • Delivery/return

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    • Under normal circumstances, the goods will arrive within 3 working days (*In special circumstances, we will notify you separately) 
    • Delivery via Hongkong Post or local courier company  
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